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It only takes one lawsuit to damage your professional reputation and cause significant financial hardship. And in today’s litigious environment, legal actions continue to rise
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NOW Insurance brings insurance directly to you. Our policies are designed to meet the specific needs of professionals across multiple industries. The best part? We let YOU dictate YOUR coverage so that you can feel at ease.

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Businesses and Professional Categories We Insure

We remove the middle man to provide insurance directly to consumers in a wide variety of professional fields. Industries include Business Services, Consulting, Healthcare Facilities & Practitioners, and Wellness & Fitness Studios.

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Types of Insurance Offered by NOW

Our coverage is tailored to fit the specific insurance needs of your profession. Insurance types include Professional & General Liability and Cyber Liability.

Professional & General Liability Commercial Insurance

Professional & General Liability Insurance provides coverage for your business against claims for personal injury, property damage, or bodily injury. If your business provides a professional service, regularly gives advice to clients, or is requested by a client to have insurance, you should consider Professional & General Liability Insurance coverage.



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Cyber Insurance

As technology advances, data breaches and other cybercrimes have become increasingly common. Cyber Liability insurance protects your company should a security breach occur involving sensitive customer information including Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, driver’s license numbers, and health records.



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If It Happens, Are You Prepared? 

Over 40 million lawsuits are filed in the US every year. You read that right: 40,000,000.


When working with customers and their data, you’re always one accident away from becoming a part of this statistic. So the question is… In this litigation frenzy, are you prepared?

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When it comes to healthcare, it’s never been more important to be covered. Healthcare professionals are at risk of litigation daily. Even when the mistake was due to the patient’s own negligence, they can still slap professionals with a malpractice suit at will.

As with any institution that deals with students or patients, medical facilities and schools are also at high risk of litigation. Whether you run a medical school that is accused of misconduct or a lab that mixes up a blood sample, you need to be protected.

Wellness and Fitness Centers are a great place to work and get healthy. Unfortunately, they’re also a place prone to injury and lawsuits. When a dumbbell is accidentally dropped on a member’s toe, hopefully you didn’t drop the ball on buying insurance coverage. 

Spas deal with customer health on a daily basis. When an unavoidable mistake like equipment malfunction or an accidental chemical burn causes bodily harm, it is essential that you are protected from your angry customers’ legal team.

Most business services and consulting firms store a large amount of customer data within their internal network. Whether you own a call center that accidentally leaked a large amount of public information or you’re an IT consultant who was victim of a cyber attack, you are at risk of heavy financial losses—even bankruptcy—if you are not covered with a cyber insurance policy.